We offer across-the-board services in warehousing, distributions, and 3PL management for our national and international clients, coordinating the complex processes requires experience, skill, and state-of-the-art logistics technology.

Managing the movement of materials and merchandise from the production site to the hands of customers demands full understanding of the requirements for safely storing and shipping a wide variety of products. We understand the importance of having the right product, at the right place, at the right time. We provide clients with customized warehouse and logistic services to meet your unique needs.

Our financial services provide your business with a state-of-the-art global payment system that makes it easier for you to send or receive international payments safely and securely. For other businesses that need an ideal solution for more cash flow, we also provide a personalized funding service plan that empowers your business with working capital that you can use instantly.

Whether your organization is a large corporation, a small start-up, or if you’re an entrepreneur, we offer business services from marketing, sales, and operations to help jump-start your business into highly competitive markets.
We can reduce your
We customize solutions to
match your needs and the
needs of your customers.
We measure our deliverables
and report them to our clients
on a regular basis.
We strengthen your brand
image and awareness
using leading-edge
marketing tools and
We offer a simple and secure
payment and receipt system
for cross-border transactions.
Call Center &
Repair Service
We are dedicated to provide customer call service and Certified Refurbish and Repair service for our customers.

We are experienced in the reverse logistics and return management process to minimize the cost as well as turn the costly drain to your business to profit.
Marketing, Sales and
Operation service
Identifying new business opportunities in unfamiliar markets can
prove to be a challenging process.For global businesses who wish
to sell their products in U.S. marketplaces, Catronics provides
marketing, sales, and operation services to help jump-start your
business into a highly competitive and lucrative market.
International Payment
Receipt Solution
Making and receiving international payments has never been easier with
our International Payment and Receipt Solution service. By offering
competitively lower rates on cross-border transactions, we can help your
business keep more of its hard-earned money.
Capital Funding Program
Catronics offers our personalized Capital Funding Program for businesses who require additional working
capital right now. Our Capital Funding Program allows your business to gain instant access to funds, at very
low fees and with no hidden costs! Our funding services cut through financial obstacles that are often involved
when securing business loans and other lending options.
Logistics Shipping Partners