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About Catronics

Founded in 1988 in New York, NY, Catronics has become a world-wide leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of electronic products. Catronics is widely recognized as a trailblazer for product innovation throughout the world. The company’s innovative products and technologies enable customers to experience high-quality digital and professional use that is available uniquely to each industry we embrace.

Within the past decade, Catronics’ team of inventors, engineers, and designers have earned a number of U.S. patents and design awards, with several additional patents pending. Boosted by the innovative and dedicated employee base, Catronics continues to manufacture and distribute products that exceed customer expectation. By offering cutting-edge products that are consumer-friendly and innovative, Catronics is primed to make mark in the consumer electronics industry nowadays.

Our objective has always been to expand the role in the industries we entertain by setting new standards and by using innovative technology and cutting-edge designs. Catronics will continue to establish new levels of innovation and deliver new products that validate its brands and customers.

Catronics is a wholly owned subsidiary of CEC (China America Electronics Corp. Ltd) of which ranks 425 in the Fortune 500 Companies World Wide. With Revenues over $26 Billion Reported in CNN Money, and more than 126,000 Employees. This Company sees a great future ahead with a selected group of partners growing together.


Listed companies

  • Great Wall Technology Co. Ltd.
  • PANDA Electronics Group Co., Ltd.
  • China GreatWall Computer Shenzhen Co.,
  • Chinasoft International Co., Ltd.
  • CEC Corecast Corporation Limited
  • Nanjing Huadong Electronics Group Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Belling Co., Ltd.
  • PANDA Electronics Group Co., Ltd
  • Shenzhen Kaifa Technology Co., Ltd.
  • China National Software & Service Co., Ltd.
  • China Electronics Corporation Holdings Co., Ltd
  • Shenzhen SED electronics (group) Co., Ltd.
  • Great Wall Info Industry Co., Ltd.