Our warehouses provide receiving service,
fulfillment services, palletizing, bar code scan,
short-term and long-term storage service
cross-docking, transloading, and truck
services; powering flexibility throughout our
network of warehouse storage and distribution
Proper inventory management paves the way to increased
profits. We use state of the art technology to expedite your
fulfillment, distribution, storage and shipping needs. That
includes our own full-featured integrated and efficient
warehouse management system (WMS), which allows us
to provide you with maximum flexibility and
Warehouse Management
We know how essential inventory management is to delivering
superior order accuracy and on-time shipping services.
Inventory is the lifeblood of our business and we know it’s just
as big a factor in our customers’ success.

That’s why we leverage every resource necessary to intelligently
manage inventory, allowing you to optimize the cost efficiency
of your fulfillment, distribution, or warehousing jobs
Warehouse System
We employ many tools, including scanners, individualized reports, and
RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology. We work to integrate
with your systems to provide seamless service, both inside our
facilities and beyond.
By applying the right tools to the right
tasks we provide the utmost efficiency
and accuracy, earning the goodwill of
your customers.
Sales Support
We monitor sales levels to assess what items need to be replenished
and producing sales reports and other documentation to track
transactions. By properly interpreting sales figures, the correct
amount of inventory is always on hand.
We track fulfillment orders so they move through
the warehouse and distribution process
seamlessly and reach their destination in good
order. Our skilled and trained workers expedite
the process with efficient labeling practices for
easy identification and location of inventory.
Partner Benefits
Saving you time and money is part of what we promise and provide for
every customer. Partnering with a third party logistics partner (3PL) like
Catronics helps to lower your warehousing and overhead costs with no
capital investment and maintenance of a brick and mortar building.