Reverse logistics expert
We are experienced in the reverse logistics and return
management process to minimize the cost as well as
turn the costly drain to your business to profit.
Re-sale resources
We have ample resources in the refurbish and recycle industry
across north America for reselling the returned units, including
the defective returns. We can optimize your recovery rate in the
returns process.
Return processing
Upon receipt of the return goods direct from your customer, our staff would match
and validate each receipt to the original RMA,test the products and log all activity
by time and user. We would then analyze and test each unit and send the defective
goods to our repair center. After performing QC, the No Trouble Found items and
the refurbished item were re-packaged and send back to our client for re-use or
Maximized Recovery Value
We process and refurbish the return products. The cost of
refurbishment, repair, labor and packaging are our responsibility.
When refurbished stock was ready, We would work together
with the client on the availability report, utilizing both companies
respected channels to recover maximum dollar value for the
refurbished inventory.
Purchasing your returns
We receive defective, returnable and warranty replacement
electronics products from OEM client and channel and retail
customers. Upon receipt of the items, we may purchase return
goods regardless of products or condition. we would then
refurbish all products and resell utilizing client authorized
channels to maximumrecovery.