Identifying new business opportunities in unfamiliar markets can prove to be a challenging process.
For international businesses who would like to enter U.S. markets, Catronics provides marketing,
sales, and operation services to help jump-start your business into a highly competitive and
lucrative market.
Improved Brand Recognition
Build your brand recognition using the
leading-edge market research methods
to gain a better understanding of the
market your business is in.
Increased Sales and Performance
Capitalize on economies of scale and
enjoy the result of increased sales and
performance, and lower purchasing,
marketing, and overhead costs.
Growth of Operational Efficiencies
Streamline your organization’s core
processes, to allow your business to
respond more effectively to a dynamic
marketplace, in a cost-effective manner.
Market Research
We are committed in providing our clients with the leading-edge strategies and business intelligence
tools that will propel them ahead of the competition in market research. Catronics will present the best
solutions available to give your organization a better understanding of the industry it is doing business
in, the various types of customer segments your organization should target, and the competitors your
organization will compete with.
Marketing Plan
Most businesses do not realize the power and importance of having
a marketing plan. A solid marketing plan is objective in nature, using
data and facts to maintain focus on keeping current customers while
trying to win new ones. Our strategies for developing a marketing
plan help showcase the optimal tools and tactics that your business
should utilize in order to generate the best sales results.
Marketing Tools & Strategies
Marketing tools and strategies help develop and promote your
company’s products and services. These tools and strategies
may be used either to boost your total sales or to gather
consumer data. Catronics can help your company find the
right tools and strategies that will work best to achieve
your company’s primary goals and objectives.
Sales Materials
Sales materials can involve business tools – such as websites,
company brochures, presentations, etc. – that help drive your
customers forward in the sales process. Each item plays a
specific role in the overall sale, and Catronics believes that
each of those items should be created to fulfill those roles
in the most productive way possible.
Sales Channels Maintenance
Sales channels are a vital means of selling your product and services to customers.
To ensure your organization’s stability in the marketplace, Catronics identifies and
chooses the most efficient sales channels to give the best sales results.
Product Development & Support
Whether your business is a large corporation, a small start-up,
or if you’re an entrepreneur, Catronics provides data analysis
services for your company’s new or existing products. Our
data analysis services includes benefits such as consultation,
solution implementation, and support & maintenance regarding
your products.
Performance Evaluations
Catronics provides services in conducting financial and non-financial performance evaluations on
your business by measuring its sales and profits, market performance, conversation rates, website
and social media traffic counts, and more. These performance evaluations in addition with analysis
and action, can play a vital role in identifying inefficiencies in your business and increase business