Our easy-to-use International Payment & Receipt Solution service
empowers your business with the ability of making international
payments, and receiving global payment transfers directly into
your account, at a reduced cost. By offering competitively lower
rates on cross-border transactions, Catronics can help your
business keep more of its hard-earned money.
Reduced Payment Fees
Increase your earnings by having
your company’s payment fees
reduced by up to 5%.
Accept Payments in Multiple Currencies
Accept payments in various currencies
such as USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD,
Bill Global Clients Easily
Offer a simple, yet convenient and
cost-effective payment solution
securely and without fees.
Receiving International
Catronics’ International Payment & Receipt Solution enables your business
to receive payments in any country quickly and easily, then transfers the
funds to your bank account, converting it to the local currency in your
Payment Requests
Our payment request service makes it easy for your business to
send clients and other financial organizations payment requests
in just a few button clicks, giving you a faster and secure way of
paying online.
Bank Withdrawals
Using our extensive global banking network, bank withdrawals
allow your business to transfer funds to your local currency
account(s), from your bank account in multiple currencies,
at significantly reduced costs.
Currency Management
Using our currency management service, your business is able to quickly
convert and transfer funds between different local receiving accounts, so
that you have the right currency necessary for conducting international
transactions. Catronics only charges a small transactional fee, which will be
automatically deducted so that you will always know the final receiving amount.
Making a Payment
Our making a payment service offers a quick, low-cost payment system that connects your business to your
global suppliers and other financial organizations by sending and receiving payments between accounts, for free!