Catronics is dedicated in providing your business with an
ideal solution for better cash-flow management. We offer a
personalized funding program to any business that needs
assistance in cutting through financial obstacles that are
often involved when securing business loans and other
lending options.
Instant Access
Gain instant access to your working capital funds directly into your account.
Low Fees
Avoid high fees, with no hidden costs!
Additional Funding
Get more funding when you sell more.
How our Capital Funding Program Works
Submit an application to Catronics to request funding.
Catronics will investigate and evaluate your business
based on factors such as financial performance,
management and credit record.
Catronics will contact your business to discuss the
terms and agreements of the funding program offer.
Upon acceptance of the offer,Catronics will send the
funds directly into your business account.
Using Catronics’ account for receivables,collection will
begin on the given date outlined in the terms and
agreements of the offer.
Settlement is complete once the final collection has
been settled,and Catronics will send an email
confirmation of receipt.
Capital Funding Options
Catronics’ Capital Funding Program provides
your business with two main funding options:
Get funding using your organization’s real assets.
Get funding using your organization’s accounts receivables.
Capital Funding Amount
The amount of capital funding that Catronics offers to your
organization is largely based on historical sales records,
estimated future sales and earnings, credit scores, and
other financial records.
Fee charges
The fee charge is calculated based on a small and fixed percentage
of the capital funding amount. There are no hidden fees. Catronics
does not charge for additional fees other than the one stated above.
The settlement amount includes both the capital funding amount, along with the fee charge.
Catronics will begin collection of the settlement starting from the specified date agreed in
the offer.The settlement is complete when Catronics has sent an email confirming that
the final collection has been received.