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Sound Bars

Sound Bars

Better Sound. Smarter Choices.

Upgrading to a better TV experience has never been any easier. The all-new Catronics Sound Bars offer amazing audio in compact sizes with sophisticated designs. These sound bars feature built-in Bluetooth which allows for wireless audio streaming from compatible mobile devices. Wireless and hassle-free installation make these sound bars simple to use. Their unique design and virtual surround sound technology deliver an optimal sound experience. 

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Premium Audio, Deep Bass

Catronic’s Sound Bar Systems deliver a room-filling audio experience with deep thumping bass, and built-in Bluetooth allows for wireless audio streaming from mobile devices.

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2.1 Sound Bar System

The 2.1 Sound Bar System features powerful speakers paired with a wireless subwoofer, delivering booming sound with crystal-clear audio quality.

Wireless Subwoofer

Rich, powerful bass transforms movies, music, and TV into an explosive experience. Wireless means your home stays free of clutter while you get great sound.

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Designed with Style for any Space

Catronic’s sound bars are designed to blend in with a wide variety of placement options. They fit with most spaces and are sized to match your needs.

Multiple Inputs

Sound bars include 2 optical inputs, which allow to connect multiple audio devices at once for greater enjoyment.



HT-1201HT-1201 HT-1205HT-1205 HT-1210HT-1210
Soundbar Size 34″ 35″ 34″
Soundbar Speakers 4 x 2″ 4 x 4″ 2 x 1″ & 4 x 3″
Subwoofer Speaker 1 x 5″ N/A 1 x 5″
Soundbar Dimensions 34.3″W x 2.6″H x 2.6″D 35.4″W x 4.7″H x 3.5″D 34.3″W x 4.1″H x 2.5″D
Subwoofer Dimensions 9.6″W x 9.7″H x 9.6″D Integrated Subwoofer 9.6″W x 9.7″H x 9.6″D
Channel 2.1 2 2.1
FM Broadbast Band 87.5MHz-108MHz 87.5MHz-108MHz 87.5MHz-108MHz
Soundbar Output Power 2 x 15W 2 x 15W 2 x 15W
Subwooker Output Power 1 x 30W N/A 1 x 30W
Bluetooth YES YES YES
Analog Audio Input 1x RCA 1x RCA 1x RCA
Analog Audio Input 1x 3.5mm Stereo Jack 1x 3.5mm Stereo Jack 1x 3.5mm Stereo Jack
Digital Audio Input 1x Coaxial 1x Coaxial 1x Coaxial
Digital Audio Input 1 x Optical 1 x Optical 1 x Optical
USB Input 1 x USB 1 x USB 1 x USB
External Memory 1 x Memory Card Slot 1 x Memory Card Slot 1 x Memory Card Slot
Standard Remote YES YES YES
Standard Waranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year