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Tabletop Speakers

Tabletop Speakers

Wireless Sound. Timeless Design.

Catronic’s speaker systems are the right pick for your ears, enjoy audio from many points in your home. Play music wirelessly, loud and clear with their Bluetooth connectivity. Enjoy maximum input flexibility with their built-in soundcard for convenient audio streaming directly from USB, AUX jack or Micro SD card. Big sound can come in a small package!


Bluetooth Connectivity

Catronic’s tabletop speakers have a range of about 32 feet, for easy enjoyment without wires. They pair easily with smartphones, tablets or other Bluetooth devices.


Multiple Audio Inputs

Play high quality audio directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer; making it easy to enjoy your favorite music.

Micro SD

Catronic’s devices support Micro SD card playing, just insert the card and listen to your favorite tunes. Listening to your favorite music has never been this easier!

sd card
BT-1130 Series_main

Timeless Style, Premium Sound

Beautifully styled speakers can easily fit into any home decoration and reproduce the fullness, clarity and depth of your favorite music!

FM Radio

Catronic’s tabletop speakers support FM Function, FM Frequency Range 87.5 to 108.0 MHZ. Enjoy listening to your favorite talk shows!

BT-1136 BT-1136 BT-1137_ BT-1137
Available Colors White, Black White, Gray Black
Dimensions (W)276.5*(H)170*(D)98mm (W)357*(H)205*(D)121.5mm (W)365*(H)217*(D)123mm
Channel 2.0 2.1 2.1
Bluetooth YES YES YES
DSP System YES Varies Varies
FM Broadcast Band 87.5MHz-108MHz 87.5MHz-108MHz 87.5MHz-108MHz
Speaker Driver 4 x 2″ 1”x2 + 2.5“x2 + 4″x1 2.5“x2 + 4″x1
Output Power 2 x 5.5W 2 x 10W  +  1 x 20W 2x10W + 1x20W (RMS)
Remote Control N/A YES YES
3.5mm Stereo Jack 1 1 1
USB 1 1 1
Micro SD Slot 1 1 1
Standard Waranty 1 Year >1 Year 1 Year